Tearms and Conditions


1. BRIEF CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING https://proidealjobs.ro/

  • By accessing and using this website, you accept, without limitation or any other qualification, these Terms and Conditions and understand that any other agreements between you and Pro Ideal Jobs SRL (hereinafter “Pro Ideal Jobs”) are subject in their entirety to these Terms and Conditions.
  • The “Terms and Conditions” represents the legal agreement between you, as the Client, and Pro Ideal Jobs. Before using https://proidealjobs.ro/ and entering into a contractual relationship with Pro Ideal Jobs, we recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions in advance. By accessing and visiting the website, filling a form as a Client, creating an account or applying for a job, you fully and unconditionally accept these Terms and Conditions.
  • From time to time, Pro Ideal Jobs may amend the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice. Amendments and information regarding their validity will be posted on this site for the information of our customer`s representatives, candidates and users/visitors of the site. You should therefore refer to this policy regularly to check for the updated content. If, at any time, these Terms and Conditions become unacceptable to you, please discontinue accessing and using https://proidealjobs.ro/website immediately.


  • PRO IDEAL JOBS/Provider – means PRO IDEAL JOBS SRL, with the registered office in Mun. Cluj-Napoca, Bld. 21 Decembrie 1989, Nr. 57, Ap. 3, Jud. Cluj, CUI RO38436849, registered at the Trade Register under number J12/6278/2017, represented by executive director Szekely Strat Roxana Andreea;
  • Application for a job – a form of communication between PRO IDEAL JOBS and the Applicant whereby the Applicant conveys to PRO IDEAL JOBS his/her intention to purchase the services available on https://proidealjobs.ro/;
  • Account – involves customising a section of the website by entering the e-mail and a password directly by the Client, which section contains information about the Client (e.g. user details, residence, prior submitted applications). Creating an account is optional for the Applicant. Data provided when creating the Account will remain confidential and subject to the Privacy Policy;
  • Contract – represents the contract concluded remotely between PRO IDEAL JOBS and the Applicant, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, contract which is concluded after the thorough reading of this document;
  • Candidate (Applicant) / Client (Client representative) – any individual, at least 18 years of age, with full legal capacity, or any legal person/entity, who creates or not an account on the Website;
  • Document – this Policy on Terms and Conditions, which governs the contractual relationship between Pro Ideal Jobs and the Candidate, and shall be interpreted in accordance with Romanian law. Any non-conformity or invalidity of any part or clause of this Document with other applicable legal provisions shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this Document;
  • Job/Workplace – the job positions presented and described on the website, which do not violate the limits imposed by these Terms and Conditions;
  • Processing of personal data – see the Policy on processing of personal data – GDPR Policy;
  • Recruit CRM – Candidate (Applicant) Tracking System for recruitment agencies, a specialized software in the recruitment field, used by Pro Ideal Jobs to store data entered by Candidates and manage the recruitment and placement process of workforce;
  • Visitor – any person who accesses the website, without creating an account or submitting an application;
  • Pro Ideal Jobs S.R.L. Website – represents the website https://proidealjobs.ro/ as well as any section or subsection thereof. Websites and/or internet pages or other components belonging to third parties accessed by clients/candidates as a result of links or redirects available on the website https://proidealjobs.ro/ are not subject to and do not fall within the scope of this definition.


  • Accessing and using the website https://proidealjobs.ro/ is conducted in accordance with the provisions of this Policy. Any request or interaction with the Pro Ideal Jobs website is fully subject to the provisions of this document.
  • By using the website https://proidealjobs.ro/, you agree and implicitly accept the applicability of these provisions.


  • Pro Ideal Jobs and its collaborators own full and complete title regarding the descriptions, files, images, and materials published on the Website, as well as all intellectual property rights arising from them.
  • All trademarks and logos are owned by Pro Ideal Jobs and its collaborators, and no person or entity has the right to copy or use them in any manner.
  • The usage, reproduction, copying or modification without the consent of Pro Ideal Jobs of any graphic/design/structural elements, etc. present on the website https://proidealjobs.ro/ is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the rights of Pro Ideal Jobs and its collaborators falls under the purview of the law and will be resolved by the authorized judicial entities.
  • No content transmitted to the Candidate or Client, by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired by them through access, visiting and/or viewing, constitutes a contractual obligation on the part of Pro Ideal Jobs.


  • Pro Ideal Jobs will keep confidential any information of any nature that users/visitors provide. Sharing of the provided information will only be executed under the conditions mentioned in the Privacy Policy.
  • If there are any suspicions regarding the security of the data or possible abusive use of the account created by a client or for the submitted application, Pro Ideal Jobs will take the necessary measures (for example, it will ask the account owner to change the password) or even delete the submitted application, with prior notification of the interested person.
  • The processing of personal data and the rules for their protection can be accessed here.
  • Pro Ideal Jobs respects and protects the right to protection of personal data of the users/visitors of the website https://proidealjobs.ro/ and has the obligation to manage the personal data that you provide us with in a safe manner and only for the specified purposes. The purpose of collecting this type of data is to provide users/visitors of the website with information and services at the best quality, as well as marketing, advertising, and publicity services.


  • The information used to describe the available job positions on the website (texts, images, presentations) do not represent contractual obligations for Pro Ideal Jobs.
  • We inform you that simply opening a job description does not imply the registration of a valid application. The application will only be registered after completing all necessary steps.
  • Furthermore, we inform you that Pro Ideal Jobs will contact you using exclusively the information provided by the Candidate in the corresponding sections. In this regard, we kindly ask you to pay attention when completing the required information. By submitting the application, the Candidate expressly agrees to be contacted via email and/or telephone by our representatives.
  • The information and personal data provided by you when completing the application fields will be stored in the Recruit CRM application/software and transferred to our clients – potential employers.


  • When using the Website, you are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of the data related to your access account (username and password) and agree to assume full responsibility for the activities/actions carried out on the Website based on your account and password. We recommend you to not disclose the data used to authenticate on the https://proidealjobs.ro/ website, if you have an account on this site.
  • If the confidentiality of this access data has been compromised, you have the obligation to notify Pro Ideal Jobs as soon as possible to restrict access to your account and generate a procedure for you to regain access to your account as quickly as possible.
  • Unauthorized operations such as abusive use, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, modification, copying of information for commercial purposes, blocking access, etc. on this Website will be punished according to the law.


As a user/candidate, you understand and agree to the following information:

  • To occasionally receive newsletters (emails) for informative purposes from Pro Ideal Jobs based on its offers, in accordance with the Privacy Policy (GDPR);
  • To occasionally receive SMS messages for informative purposes from Pro Ideal Jobs, in accordance with the PrivacyPolicy, for certain specific campaigns (with the possibility to withdraw consent at any time as described here);
  • To provide true, accurate, and complete data about yourself;
  • To maintain and update, when necessary, the registration data to ensure that your details are valid, accurate, and complete.

As a user/candidate, you assume the obligation not to undertake the following activities:

  • To publish copyright materials if you are not the author or do not have the author’s permission to publish such materials;
  • To publish obscene, defamatory, threatening, or malicious materials or information against another user, natural or legal person, materials, or information prohibited by current legal provisions;
  • To publish an image or statement that violates current legal norms or good morals.

The distribution of information and job descriptions presented on the site is strictly prohibited, except where expressly approved in writing by Pro Ideal Jobs, which will reasonably assess the usefulness and appropriateness of such approval. If this provision is violated, Pro Ideal Jobs reserves the right to claim its rights, particularly to claim damages and repair damages caused by actions that violate this document


These Terms and Conditions and the use of the https://proidealjobs.ro/ website are governed by the laws in force in Romania. In case of any dispute related to the contractual relationship or arising from or in connection with its conclusion, interpretation, execution, or termination, it will be resolved either through requests addressed to the competent courts lcoated in Cluj-Napoca or through the arbitration of the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj, according to its procedure and by a single arbitrator. The decision is final for the parties. Either party has the possibility of choosing one of the two dispute resolution procedures.
Last updated on: 04.03.2022