If your business requires adequate human resources services, but you don't want to set up a full-time human resources department, you're in the right place!

Recruitment and Selection

We help national and international businesses find top talent for their projects.

Our team of experienced recruiters uses various sourcing, headhunting, social media job posting, and interviewing techniques to identify the most appropriate candidates for each role.
Our process

The domains we cover

Personnel Leasing

Do you need personnel leasing (temporary staff)?

Pro iDeal Jobs can help you! Our team will take care of all aspects of finding the best employees, personnel administration, and payroll.
Responsibilities handled by us

HR Consulting

With extensive experience and a keen awareness of constant changes in the HR field, we are dedicated to providing the best quality value and services.

Our expertise in employment law and human resources, together with the assistance of our affiliated lawyer, is enabling us to offer effective strategies even in the most difficult cases.